Andrew Phillips & Julia Soderholm
A HUGE thank you to these two who came out to the farm and composted seven raised beds! They were so excited and happy to be there. Rockstars!


Millie Blandford & Jen Burry
This lovely lady crew came and potted over 100 tomato plants in the greenhouse. Also on a pouring, rainy spring afternoon. 


Pete Robb & Ian Chagunda
These guys came out to the farm on a rainy day to volunteer. They built beds in our small greenhouse where we will have some of our tomato plants.


Bethany Woodrow
The joy this lady exuded at the farm, as she helped us seed veggies and pot up tomatoes was infectious! Thanks Beth for all your help!


  Eric Farmerdude   Eric is one of the original founders....

Erik Benediktson
Erik is one of the original founders of Riverside Farm. An alumni of Kwantlen Farm School Program, a Software Developer, and all around handy man, Erik brought incredible skills to Riverside Farm and we miss him dearly.

  Kirsten     Some text or quote here.

Kirsten Benediktson
Kirsten was at the farm almost every Saturday last year, helping harvest veggie for the farmers markets in Vancouver. She brought her skills of focus, attention to detail, and joy to the farm, and also connected Riverside to many of our first CSA customers.

  Brendan    Some text or quote here

Brendan Lench
Brendan was the Co-founder of Golden Choy Farm with Caroline. Brendan is also an alumni of the Kwantlen Farm School Program, and one of most kindhearted people out there. He truly comes to life when he's in the field!

  Joy Cline   Best mumma ever! Jenn's mom came out to the farm on Mother's Day to help out. She seeded a bunch of our summer and winter squash!

Joy Cline
Best mumma ever! Jenn's mom came out to the farm on Mother's Day to help out. She seeded a bunch of our summer and winter squash!

  Jayme Cline   This lovely lady came out to the farm to help harvest for a Sunday market at Mount Pleasant Farmers Market. We got sidetracked weeding around our squash!

Jayme Cline
Jayme is one of the most supportive people you will ever meet. She helped out for many hours and days at Riverside Farm last year, tackling a multitude of tasks: weeding, harvesting, seeding, and much more.

  Maria Mulder   OUr lovely friend came to help out on the farm! She sprayed organic fish fertilizer on the kale to give them a boost of nutrients. Yeah Megan, and yeah backpack sprayer!

Megan Mulder
In the middle of the summer when our energy was waning, Megan willingly came out to the farm to spend hours weeding kale and spraying foliar fish fertilizer on the kale. She is one in a million! 

  Jen Burry     This lovely lady did some amazing weeding at the farm. Thanks for the help!

Jen Burry
Jen supported Riverside Farm in many ways last growing season. From weeding in the fields, to cleaning cucumbers, and helping load the truck with vegetables for the market. She offered her incredible skills and energy to Riverside during our first season of farming.

  Ian Chagunda   This handsome dude came out to Riverside to help with weeding. We rescued the beans and some carrots. Thanks Ian!

Ian Chagunda
Ian graciously took on any task at Riverside that needed to be done. He spent hours prepping our potato beds, weed whacking paths in the grass, weeding, and harvesting vegetables. We look forward to his speed, skill, and beaming smile at Riverside this growing season!

  Millie Blandford   Some text or quote here

Millie Blandford
Millie loves plants, and offered to spend a day at the farm last year. She pruned tomato plants in the sweltering greenhouse, weeded our beets and carrots, and smiled the whole way through. We are excited to see her out at the farm this summer!