We are a small scale mixed vegetable farm. We use organic practices to maintain a sustainable relationship with the environment and natural resources. We believe in using all parts of our produce to reduce waste, including the not-so-photogenic, but equally delicious and nutritious Hilarious Harvests. Our goal is to make fresh produce accessible to those in our community. 

Our Beginnings

Riverside Farm took root from a shared passion for food and natural produce. It is carefully run by Jennifer Cline and Caroline Chiu, alumni from the Richmond Farm School Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. We started small, as two separate half acre incubator farms, Golden Choy Farm and Riverside Farm. In our first year we focused primarily on Farmers Market sales, allowing us to cultivate connections and build relations with customers in our community.

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Our CSA Program

After overwhelming bounty and demand from our Farmers Market community, we decided to expand  our program to also providing a flexible CSA box for select members of our community. This also led us to join forces at Golden Choy and Riverside Farm and continue as a joint venture under the Riverside Farm name. This merger, along with the commitment and support from our friends and family allowed us to push further from an initial crop diversity of 15 vegetables to 23 vegetables planned for the 2017 season. We are excited to expand our CSA program and provide for all who want to be involved!

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Our Growing Community

We love and live off of the support and help of our family of volunteers. Our community of volunteers bring life, experience, energy, and dedication to our project. We share knowledge, our love for food, and a desire to reconnect with our natural environment. We accept volunteers regardless of skill levels and we'll teach you the skills suited to a rotation of roles. We welcome anyone to get in touch with us and come for a visit at the farm.  

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